Transparent audit

Our aim is to provide you with a neutral and objective view at processes or purchasing/sales, acceptance and systems of company functioning.

Innovations and optimizations

Results of our audits are organizational, personnel, marketing and business changes that significantly influence the reduction of costs.

Sustainable development

We are an auditing company that wants, above all, to contribute positively towards sustainability and improving the quality of environment.

About us

GREEN AUDIT a.s. -  is a company dedicated to controlling, analysing and suggesting of measures aimed at production, operational and logistics processes with systematic, independent and expert attitude.
The company focuses on production processes, where initial inputs represent raw materials from renewable and natural sources. Usage of these sources must be rational in order to keep our blue planet maintained for the future generations. This is our attitude towards the environment. Our aim is therefore an independent assessment of production processes, followed by suggested measures to help decreasing production costs, gaining more energy, semi-finished and finished products along with maintaining same amount of raw materials needed.
To achieve this, we use the latest scientific knowledge from forestry, woodworking and energy businesses, economy and legislation. We cooperate with top domestic (TU and NLC Zvolen) and foreign experts (BOKU Vienna, TU Munich, UNI Gottingen, ČZU Prague and others).

GREEN AUDIT a.s. utilizes new technologies by measuring shapeless objects too. A team of specialists is dedicated to this task, having all necessary approvals and experience. After being processed by specialized software, data gained from 3D modelling are transformed into countless amount of points, out of which a structure of object or surface is created. Out of created 3D model, it is possible to calculate the volume of object, shapeless piles of soil, depth of dug holes, compare two different models in time, follow gradual landslides etc.


Competitors analysis

In order to maintain a stable position in a fast-changing competitive environment, our company will prepare you a detailed view at existing and new suppliers, their financial health, market position, riskiness of cooperation and advantages and disadvantages resulting from it.

  • SWOT analysis of competition
  • Regular market report
  • Definition and underlining of competitive advantage and communication consulting

Monitored materials acceptance

The process of materials acceptance is a significant step in further processing and evaluation of accepted materials and goods. Our solutions deliver:  

  • Detection of systematic, cyclical and repeated defects
  • Efficiency improvement of individual processes and reduction of costs
  • Elaboration of technical conditions of acceptance
  • Suggestion of method for input material measurement
  • Process automation proposal


Warehousing represents an inherent part of company functioning. We focus mostly on evaluating the quality of input raw materials.  

  • Analysis of storage space
  • Analysis good s reversibility, accumulation of stock
  • Suggestion of optimum stock volume
  • SWOT analysis of workflows
  • Mapping and visualization
  • Internal logistics optimization

Audit of internal processes

We are delivering objective view on internal processes resulting from practical experience. We can review and rationally evaluate the usefulness of individual processes and their real contribution for company functioning.

  • Outsourcing analysis
  • Amendment of organizational structure
  • Obtaining certification
  • Compliance with legislation

Sources analysis

The inherent part of assessing the existing status is the sources analysis. It includes:

  • Evaluation, monitoring, controlling and identifying new suppliers
  • Development of an interactive map showing sources of raw materials, logistics and business opportunities


To improve the current status, it is necessary to monitor and calculate the current state of warehouse - stocktaking:

  • Measurement of weight, temperature, volume, moisture content on a form classical, aerial, terrestrial and GPS scanning
  • Visual processing of digital 3D models of stock

Sustainable consulting

We create sustainable solutions. We are here with you during the whole implementation process, we flexibly apply changes given by the market environment and pace of changes these days into the processes made.

  • Options of innovations implementations  
  • New trends, opportunities and challenges
  • Adaptation to changing market conditions



Head Office

Green audit, a.s.
Lesnícka 672
Kováčová 962 37

Certificate of Incorporation

BIN: 48175439

Registered in Commercial Register of the District Court Banská Bystrica, section: a.s, Insert no.: 1102/S

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